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look at the forecast. gwen? >> today was wonderful, plenty of sunshine and light winds, but things are changing. current temperatures, 37 d.c., 25 manassas, 25 annapolis. now we've got a few clouds starting to roll in and we're keeping a close eye on the system affecting areas to the west of us. from tomorrow morning since a.m. till noon there is a winter weather advisory and freezing rain advisory in the shaded areas. this includes highland, pendleton, grant and mineral counties. we are looking at the onset of some winter precipitation in the form of sleet, snow and freezing rain and then a little later in the day possibly changing into all rain. that depends on how the temperature holds. for us we're looking at precipitation starting to move. in here's our futurecast about midday. then you can see this line which is a mix of precipitation, snow to the just on the line barely as we watch it moving through to the afternoon hours. then you can see it pulls out moving into the 5:00 hour. we'll still be dealing with it. we get a break christmas day. things are dry and pleasant. wedne
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1